Canadian-born, LA-based singer/songwriter Kirsten Collins was named an Innovator by The Wall Street Journal and has garnered over 2 million followers in her growing social network

“Kirsten Collins presents a unique urban pop style sporting an energetic vocal vibe all her own.” Kirsten is a natural entertainer having performed on stages such as the YouTube VidCon Stage in front of crowds of 3,500 with 23 million more tuned in via live stream. Kirsten’s message is one of positivity, self-worth, and finding purpose in all endeavors.  With over 40 million streams across her official releases as an artist, Kirsten finds herself with a loyal fanbase eager for more of her vivacious attitude, colorful personality, and undeniable talent.Kirsten’s talents as a songwriter have shined through on many projects including the award-winning double platinum “Savage” by K-pop group aespa, which peaked at #39 on the Global Billboard Top 200, amassing over 142 million streams and 227 million views on the official music video. From her TikToks with Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez to her many popular releases with Kurt Hugo Schneider, Kirsten has an impressive depth to her artistry as she works on her best original material to date.